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I have exactly one final at 5:45 PM standing between me and three and a half months (give or take) of relative freedom. I am putting together my list of "writerly" stuff to do for the summer. So here we go:

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The writing list has a lot of projects on it, but the only ones I will be writing are Foreign Sky, "Dark Angel", and the potential short stories and poems. The rest of it will be outlines and notes to be utilized later.

Summer Reading List )

I don't have any time planned towards World of Warcraft, I think I'm kind of over it for now, we'll see. Other than the reading and writing, I've got committee convention duties, my writer's group, studying my Japanese so I don't fail it horribly this fall, work, and, if I can somehow swing it, I'd love to get to the ocean this year--it's been far too long and it can be very inspirational.

I think it's going to be a very interesting summer. I also have plans for a personal website that I am going to be hammering together when my poor brain can't take anymore reading and writing for a couple hours.
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The question: How far back is too far back?

The premise: In some stories that cover a decent amount of time there are some that are interesting and some that go too far back and ruin the forward momentum of the book.

The discussion: Is there an easy way to draw the line, or does it vary upon the author's need for the story? If the event is important to the story later, should it be addressed as it happens or attempted as a flashback?

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Now go ^_^


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