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I have exactly one final at 5:45 PM standing between me and three and a half months (give or take) of relative freedom. I am putting together my list of "writerly" stuff to do for the summer. So here we go:

Finish Foreign Sky (Second Draft)<--- most important thing

Write 1-2 short stories, 3-5 poems (one of the short stories has to be more contemporary in nature--the other can be whatever)<-- This shouldn't be that difficult but we'll see

Outline edits on No Holds Barred

Refine Cross Arc
- Spruce up "Dark Angel" for submission for publication (unrelated to the TV series of the same name several years ago)--the name will likely change--this means rewriting the crap out of it, checking possible publications and contests, and getting sample issues as possible.
- Toy around with "When Angels Fall"--decide whether or not to turn the 10,612 words into a working novel
- Outline the story--likely reducing the number of characters as it's a standalone, tighten up the plot

Go through Breaking Point
- Assess marketability (is it too close to its Starcraft origins to work?)

**ETA: Except a few minor things, I think this one has potential, am going to formally put it back on my project list--I've even already got outlines, but I won't be touching it until after I finish the other parts of my list.**

Refine Star of Destiny <-- Working Title
- Assess marketability--definitely marketable, a nice amount of humor, simple plot, it'll make a very good YA fantasy (after I finish Foreign Sky)

* Put together a packet of notes like what I have for TCD--this includes: cities, races (if applicable), timelines, outline, and maybe a map
* Tighten the plot

The writing list has a lot of projects on it, but the only ones I will be writing are Foreign Sky, "Dark Angel", and the potential short stories and poems. The rest of it will be outlines and notes to be utilized later.

- Get through at least 3-4 of my Celtic books

- Reread Wheel of Time (Last book is due out in Spring 2012)

- Make some headway into the stuff I haven't read yet
1. Sword of the Guardian
2. Wind-up Bird Chronicle
3. LotR (I will force myself through it one day, I made it through WoT)

-Buy at least 1-2 books--read them.
* One must be contemporary

I don't have any time planned towards World of Warcraft, I think I'm kind of over it for now, we'll see. Other than the reading and writing, I've got committee convention duties, my writer's group, studying my Japanese so I don't fail it horribly this fall, work, and, if I can somehow swing it, I'd love to get to the ocean this year--it's been far too long and it can be very inspirational.

I think it's going to be a very interesting summer. I also have plans for a personal website that I am going to be hammering together when my poor brain can't take anymore reading and writing for a couple hours.


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