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When I last posted on this account it was nearly three years ago (April 29th O.O) and it's been languishing as I went through so many different things. Falling outs with roommates, moving back in with my parents, continuing my education, moving out with a new set of roommates (so far so good), and so many more things. I won't go into it all, but I will say I'm hoping that things are going to calm down now--changing residences, rooms, fighting with friends, and all that isn't very conducive to a good mental state to write in.

One of the other changes is that I am actually cross-posting this from Dreamwidth nowadays because with the way things have been going with Livejournal lately, it's probably a good idea to have a back up ^_^

As for the writing, a friend of mine from a Creative Writing course I took back in Fall 2009 started up a "Writer's Co-op" here and I decided to join it. We don't have a fancy alliterative name (yet *laughs*), but now that we've settled on what we want to do with it, it's starting to get my brain rolling. I have submitted pieces of two of my current projects to the group, one of them being a story entitled "Methuselah" that is a sort of spin-off from the massive story I've been writing with my best friend for about two and a half years--I have huge plans for what I want to do with that story that I am looking forward to seeing if I can do. The other piece I've submitted to the writer's group is a newer version of "Foreign Sky", the first book in my Crystal Dream series that I've mentioned at some point (on LJ).

"Foreign Sky" has been languishing on my hard drive for about two or three years as well as other projects (and school) have consumed my soul. I submitted it to the Writer's Group as another option to peruse besides "Methuselah" and while the reception was initially kind of lukewarm, once I started explaining all of the stuff that has gone into that particular series it started generating a lot more interest. After a long discussion (I was the only one that had much of anything to submit last week though we discussed the other two people who were attending the meetings' current projects--both of which are really interesting and I am looking forward to seeing them as they start submitting them), through which I got my first real feedback on it that I have gotten almost ever, they started my brain churning over it and for the first time in ages I hauled up all my notes and the story and started working on it.

This has been a rough semester (it's the first time I've taken two English classes and Japanese) and I've been kind of down for a almost a week and one of my roommates suggested that I'd hit my burn out point for the semester (there's only three weeks left and I am sure anyone who's done any kind of college stuff probably can relate) and I am not sure I can dispute it.

Since Tuesday night (with a brief exception of hauling myself to Japanese class on Wednesday morning), I've been doing practically nothing but working with "The Crystal Dream" series and "Foreign Sky" in particular. From the time I got home on Wednesday until late last night, I have been going through my notes, tirelessly revamping things, going through characters and deciding if I can cut any of them (I feel like I have a lot, but I was reminded w/ 3-4 books you can get away with more than a couple main characters), and I went through and actually outlined all of the major events that happen in each book. I am not entirely satisfied with my outlines for Books 3 and 4 ("City of Lost Souls" and "Gateway to Daybreak" respectively)--Book Four in particular, but I am very happy to at least have a general idea of what I want to cover in it. There are a few things I want to do in the stories, but I haven't found the right place to do it and I am hoping when I go to the meeting on Monday maybe I can get some awesome ideas.

I'm working at 6 AM tomorrow morning, but I am hoping to start utilizing this a whole lot more than I have in the past as my brain turns more and more to writing. I am hoping this summer really is the summer I start getting my goals accomplished :)

Take care everyone!


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